MODEM is a comprehensive database to collect maize multidimensional omics data including genomic variation, transcriptomic quantification, metabolic identification and phenotypic traits from cellular to individual level. This initial release contains approximately 1.06M high quality SNPs for 508 diverse inbred lines, obtained by combining variations from RNA sequencing on whole kernels (15 days after pollination) of 368 lines and 50K array for all 508 individuals. As all these data was derived from the same diverse panel, the database also displays various genetic mapping results (including phenotypic QTL, pQTL; expression QTL, eQTL and metabolic QTL, mQTL). MODEM is thus designed to promote researchers to better understand maize genetic architecture and deep functional annotation of the complex maize genome (or even other crops), and to explore the genotype-phenotype relations and multi-scale regulation of maize kernel under multiple layers, which is also comprehensive for developing novel methods.

Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan, China

National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement

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